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after the events in sonic shorts volume , sonic and amy have finally cleaned up the area, used some extra lives and have decided to 'unwind', but their peac. Vector the crocodile. amy and vector the crocodile do not seem to get along with each other in the slightest in the few times they have interacted with each other. amy and vector first encountered each other in sonic heroes. when the chaotix saw team rose, vector wanted to ask amy question, however, her rude response caused the teams to fight. playbyplay sonic eggman plush ge amyroseplush ge blaze plush ge espio plush ge vectorplush ge charmy plush ge metal sonic plush camera used canon ti . silver is spending his first winter in the present with his friends, but when the topic of christmas is mentioned, silver is absolutely clueless! subscribe to patmac & trevzed! voice of silver .

this is unavailable. watch queue queue. watch queue queue this is non scripted shorts of sonic plush short. sonic the hedgehog amyroseplush hq stuffed toy gift for kids " sonic the hedgehog amyroseplush hq stuffed toy gift for kids " hi my name is danny smith the man behind of stylecut music & film productions. do my own music and my own show of danny'look show and also do my own so.

why o everyone! now wasn'at first going to upload this on you for couple reasons. one being that it'not vatines day anymore, and the other being it so short didn'see the .

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